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We were lucky to have Linda Palmer as the production designer for our series.  She was an integral part of our production team.  Her ingenuity and expertise made our low budget project look like a million bucks!  I have no doubt that her skills made Carbon Dating the award winning series that it is.

Amanda Serra
Creator, Carbon Dating Series


This is one of my favorite areas of expertise because of my love of travel and my prior experience as a travel agent.  I have researched many locales, not only for clients, but ultimately for production.  

Many times finding a local location that looks like a "distant land" is crucial to meet budgetary requirements. This is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of location scouting.  My history in sales helps in negotiating deals with location owners that are mutually beneficial.

As a production designer on your project, my first goal is to help the director achieve their vision within the constraints of the budget.  Through the use of sketches, photos, models, I fine tune the look the director is shooting for. 

My unique skill is putting together the entire art team to make this happen.  I've worked in all aspects of this department and have a great selection of artists to choose from for your project based on their availability.   I also work with new artists, out of school, which helps me continue to grow my connections and stay abreast of new techniques.


Production Design

Location Scouting & Management

Art Direction / Props / Set Dressing

Set Photography

The key to creating a "reality" for the show is research.  From the internet to many rental facilities to businesses, I’ve built relationships that allow me to find what you’re looking for.  I start with the script and break it down, and then begin the acquisition process.

As a creator, most of my work starts with photographing and capturing initial images that fit the directors vision.  In my own work as a director, I use a combination storyboard / photo board to give the cinematographer, producers and crew a visual of what I'm considering.  

On set, I'm particularly careful to be as minimally invasive as possible, while still capturing all the stills needed by producers for publicity and distribution.  I also work with the script supervisors,  makeup, costume and of course, the art department, to help their continuity. 

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