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"We hired award-winning production designer Linda Palmer for our short film, "The After Party." When we began pre-production, we quickly learned why Linda has so many accolades. Linda was able to take a tight budget (which is almost always the case in a short film) and make the production look spectacular. She is extremely creative, a stickler for detail and once she understands the vision of the film is able to help bring it to life beyond imagination. We can't wait to work with her again."

Rachel Amanda Bryant and Colin Costello
Producers, The After Party

The After Party
(short film)

Director: Colin Costello

Evie's Christmas Gift
(short film)

Director: Dawn Fields


Cat Dexx: Inkosi
(short film)

​Director: Linda Palmer

Shooting in Calif to double Africa.

Carbon Dating
(web series)

​Directors: Linda Palmer & Amanda Serra

Shooting over 3 months, we completed the entire season in locations and on a studio set. Linda also scouted most locations.

Last Call at Murray's
(feature film)

​Director: Linda Palmer

The set design was influenced by neon, and colors that provoke sultry imagery.  The basic influence of Dive Bars across the country.

Our Father
(short film)

​Director: Linda Palmer

The goal was to use one location with lots of mirrors to create a confined, clinical feeling.

Halloween Party
(feature film)


​Director: Linda Palmer

The goal of this project was to use one location and make it feel as big as possible with heavy accenting on orange and purple hues for the holiday.

The Wedding Video
(feature film)


Director: Todd Wade

This project had close to 30 locations as well as set builds over the course of a 5 month shoot.




Look @ Me
(feature film)

Director:  Todd Wade

This project was shot over 4 weeks with 3 weeks on a closed military location and a fully constructed set.



(short film)


Director: Scott Ritchie

This film involved multi-million dollar locations and a car accident.

The KW Project
(television pilot)


Director: Sandra Payne

This project is currently in post production.  The following images show the research done to fulfill a yin/yang vision.

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